Furniture Tips 101: Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Furniture Tips 101: Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Picking out furniture for your house can be a fun and at the same time tiring process, not what better what to shop furniture online from Living Haven? Furniture is not only a way to embellish your home but also is a part of your life through which you spend most of your time. When you have decided that it is time to find new furniture, be it for a new home, a remodel, or just updating old pieces, the following tips can be of great help.


Assess Your Needs

Before shopping, look for the following before you jump into shopping for the products that you need. Consider the following questions:

Thus, how many members are there in your family living in the house?
What is the function of each room in terms of the activities that occur in it?
Have you any specific needs, for example, for working from home, or for entertaining?

Thus, the demands you have will enable you to determine which furniture you require and which ones are luxuries.


Measure Your Space

It is a common error that many people commit, especially when purchasing furniture; they do not take the time to measure the space they have. To prevent this, before buying the furniture, try to measure the size of each room, doorways and hallways that the furniture will have to fit. Make sure to record the following measurements to create a floor plan either on paper or on an online software. This will assist you in envisaging how individual components will interlink and prevent you from buying furniture that will overcrowd or leave your room with a lot of empty space.


Define Your Style

The furniture that you have in your house should complement the style that you have chosen for your home. Here are some popular styles to consider:Here are some popular styles to consider:

  • Modern: Sleek, modern, no frills, and beige, black or white colors.
  • Traditional: The products are simple yet elegant, come in vivid colors, and have intricate carvings.
  • Transitional: This is a combination of the new and the old.
  • Rustic: Using natural materials with an emphasis on earth tones, and a warm, comfortable atmosphere that looks as though it has been lived in.
  • Industrial: Industrial elements, metals, and the sense of the material inherent in the object.

Look for ideas in magazines, online, and on social media such as Pinterest to get ideas of the styles that appeal to you.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

It is always wise to spend money for quality furniture because it is a worth every penny. The former are well-made and they are likely to be more durable as compared to the latter thus they can be used daily. Look for furniture that is made with solid wood, good quality upholstery, and is well put together when you are shopping for furniture. It is often an attractive idea to purchase cheaper products as a way of cutting on costs, but this is usually counterproductive since such products can easily get damaged and one will have to keep on buying new ones.

Consider Comfort

When it comes to acquiring furniture for the home, comfort should not be overlooked, this is because such furniture includes the sofas, chairs and beds. When out shopping, do not hesitate to put your hands and bottom on the sofas and chairs to test their comfort. Toss and turn on the mattresses in order to determine how much firmness or softness you desire. Remember that these pieces of jewelry will be worn on a daily basis and thus they should be comfortable on the skin and provide support.

Think About Functionality

Your furniture has to not only look good but also has to be functional so that it can be used for the purpose it has been bought for. Think how you will employ each piece with a view of determining if it has the features you require. For example:

  • Storage: Choose furniture that has storage compartments like bed frames with drawers beneath them or a table that has a storage compartment beneath it.
  • Versatility: Use items that are multifunctional; for instance, go for a sofa that can fold into a bed for the guests or a table that can be expanded to accommodate more people during dinner.
  • Ergonomics: All desks and chairs, and even gaming chairs should be comfortable and of proper design to enhance on proper posture and reduce on strain especially if one is working from home.



Pay Attention to Proportions

Proportions are very vital in the arrangement of the furniture within a room. When furniture is too large, it dominates a small space and when it is too small, it becomes ‘lost’ in a large space. Balance is key. It is, therefore, recommended that one should not just stick to using the same size for the earrings as this may not look as good. For instance, one should buy a big sofa and accompany it with small side tables and a medium size coffee table.

Coordinate Colors and Materials

The use of color and material in the interior design of a room can easily blend and make the room look great. The color and material of the furniture should also be taken into consideration with regard to the rest of the decor in the house. For the visual contrast without a complete anarchy, strive for harmony of the complementary and the contrasting colors. Also, incorporate various elements such as wooden, metallic, glass, and fabrics within the design to create appeal and interest of the space.

Forgetting traffic flow is another thing that one should not do.

Make sure that there is enough space for the individuals to move around with ease and that there is proper flow of traffic. Whether at home or at work, it is advised that one should not place big items on doorways, windows or paths. Ensure that there is enough space through which people can move around especially when there are furniture in the house. A well arranged layout will enhance the appearance of your room and give it a more spacious look.

Add Personal Touches

Last but not least, place items that are important to you to give the space a more homely feel. Add some elements that are related to the hobbies and preferences of the owners: photos of relatives, paintings, and other elements of decor. With the basic getting some personalization can give it that feel and look that makes it your own home.

Selecting furniture for your home is a definite task that should not be taken lightly and should be done with much thought. When identifying your needs, taking measurements of your area, describing your style, determining quality, and comfort and usability, you can design a beautiful and efficient home that you will love to live in. Note that your home is an extension of yourself in one way or another, hence it is worth investing in the right furniture that will last you for a number of years.

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