Collection: Electric Massage Chairs

Recliner Massage Chairs Online

We are excited to introduce our range of electric massage chairs that aim to offer a relaxating and rejuvenation experience. We understand the significance of taking time for yourself and finding moments of relaxation after the long daily grind!

Picture returning home from a day sinking into the embrace of your very own recliner massage chair and feeling the days stress melt away as gentle vibrations and comforting warmth envelop you. Our chairs are equipped with features like massage programs, adjustable intensity levels, and targeted massage zones to ensure a tailored massage experience based on your individual needs and preferences.

Situated in Melbourne we are committed to assisting people throughout Australia in unwinding and destressing with our massage chairs. Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tension, discomfort or simply longing for some deserved relaxation time our chairs provide an ideal solution for unwinding and recharging within the serenity of your own abode.

Heated Electric Massage Chairs

Beyond their functionality, our electric massage chairs also have heat functionality and serve as stylish additions to any living space. With designs high quality materials and ergonomic design principles, our chairs seamlessly blend into any decor style while adding a touch of opulence and refinement, to your home environment.

Shopping for a massage chair online can feel like a lot. We're here to make it simple and stress free. Our website has descriptions, helpful reviews, from customers, and friendly support staff to guide you through the process.

Why wait to enjoy the relaxation of our recliner massage chairs? Treat yourself to comfort and luxury with a Living Haven massage chair. Whether you're relaxing after a day at work recovering from exercise or just wanting to pamper yourself our chairs provide a way to relax your body and mind. Check out our selection today. Unlock the secret, to a healthier and more relaxed you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Comfy Electric Massage Chairs

Are your electric massage chairs comfortable?

Our massage chairs are very comfortable! With the different modes of massages and functions available you will definitely be able to hit all the right spots to help you relax, especially after a long day.

Can I use the massage recliner chair if I have back related issues?

Yes you can, but we strongly recommend you speak with your health professional on optimal use to avoid discomfort or further issues.

How do I know which massage chair is right for me?

We have a wide range of massage chairs as you can see, our product page are also quite detailed. If you have back related issues speak to your health professional for what type of massage chair will be best for you.

Are your massage chairs heated?

Yes, some of our massage chairs are heated for extra comfort and relaxation.

Will these massage chairs be sent from Australia?

All our massage chairs are sent from our Australian warehouses.