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At Living Haven we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, for your health and overall wellbeing. That's why we are excited to present a range of mattresses, including memory foam options on our online store.

Selecting the right mattress is key to achieving the rejuvenating sleep to face the day ahead and our mattresses are crafted with both comfort and support in mind. Whether you prefer the contouring feel of memory foam the bounce of innerspring or the adaptive support of designs, we have a mattress perfectly suited to your sleeping preferences and budget.

New Memory Foam Mattresses For Sale

Our memory foam mattresses are highly sought after for their ability to mould to your body’s contours delivering support and relieving pressure where it matters most. Crafted from top notch materials and built for longevity our memory foam mattresses provide a blend of comfort and endurance for years of slumber.

Situated in Melbourne we take pride in serving customers all over Australia through our online store. With a few clicks you can explore our array of mattresses compare features and prices effortlessly and discover the ideal mattress tailored to your requirements all from the convenience of your own home.

Why wait longer to enjoy the sleep you deserve? Enhance your sleeping experience with a high quality mattress from our online store. Whether you prefer the customised comfort of a memory foam mattress or are exploring options tailored to your needs we have all you need for that night's rest. Discover our range today. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility. See you at the checkout!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Mattress Sales

How comfortable are your mattresses?

Our mattresses are very comfy and we have a wide range so there will be something for everyone!

What sizes of mattresses do you stock?

Our mattresses come in many sizes. Our main sizes are single, queen, king single, king, and double mattresses.

Are the mattresses made of memory foam?

Yes we have a wide range of mattresses that are memory foam.

How do I know which mattress is right for me?

If you don’t have any major back issues you can view the descriptions from our product range and select which one is most to your liking.

How to choose mattress both my partner and I will be comfortable with?

There are many factors that determine which mattress will be right for both of you. This depends on if anyone has any back issues or discomfort while they sleep. Or if you have kids or pets that sometimes snuggle in with you during the night. It is important that when choosing a mattress for yourself and your partner that you are both involved in the process to make sure you choose something that will give you both a good nights sleep.